Could the Maybach coupe save the Maybach brand? Find out about the car inside.

A custom car body manufacturer in Weinsberg, Germany, has developed a new coupe body for the Maybach limousine that looks nothing like the Maybach Exelero concept seen five years ago.  The Xenatec Group will produce their version in a loose partnership with Daimler, limiting the series to just 100 units.

The Maybach 57S coupe will use the same 603-horsepower (450 kW, 612 PS) twin-turbo V12 as the normal Maybach models.  Also remaining untouched is the 3.39-meter-long wheelbase, two-tone exterior options, and the highly-customizable four-seat interior.

Changes on the model are not just limited to the elongated front doors, which pushes the B-pillar back about 20 centimeters, and the absent rear doors.  The coupe has the addition of a redesigned rear bumper with LED daytime lights,  along with a rear that is 20cm wider.  20-inch alloy wheels come standard, but optional 21-inchers also fit in the larger arches.  At the back, the exhaust has been changed, along with the bumper, and the lighting.

The coupe starts at €650,000, not including taxes and fees, and comes with options like sport seats.  It will be sold in Asia, the Middle East, the United States and Russia, and it comes with a four-year warranty that will be honored by all Maybach-authorized service facilities worldwide. 

If successful, the custom job might boost Maybach's sales numbers enough to eliminate rumors of the brand being shut down for good.

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