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So, we’ll just come right out and say it. This video is both entertaining and, well, perhaps a bit awkward for some we suspect. Surely the camera used to record motoring journalist Rosanna Tennant riding shotgun with Lewis Hamilton could’ve been put somewhere else. It’s not that we’re complaining, but we’ll just say that a blonde trying to interview a Formula One driver while sailing around a road course in a Mercedes-AMG GT is probably a good way to get views, regardless of where the camera is, ah, located.

With that bit out of the way, there’s always something fun about watching passengers getting thrashed at the hands of professional race car drivers. The location for this "interview" was Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, and though some questions were asked during this short video, we didn’t really follow the action. Not for the reasons you think – well maybe a little – but because both driver and passenger weren’t really in a position for deep conversation. Despite Hamilton saying the jaunt around the track was just a Sunday drive, his attention to car control through the corners meant his answers to questions were often single-word responses, or broken up over the course of the video.


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Then again, Tennant’s questions weren’t exactly thought provoking, with the video preview featuring a blonde with a camera aimed at her crotch, did you expect as much? On a straightaway, she did manage to ask him why he’s loving this F1 season so much. Being in first place apparently has nothing to do with it – his response was that he loves driving, loves the car, and loves working with the Mercedes team. Then to prove it he drifted the AMG GT through a corner, to the delight of them both we might add. Then again, prior to that she asked him if he was a bad boy.

More words were spoken, but let’s be honest. Nobody is watching this to learn something new about Lewis Hamilton. Never the less, if you give it a go, you will hear him explain why he tends to brake later than others. That is, when Tennant isn't asking him if he's a bad boy. So yeah, there's that too.

Source: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport via YouTube

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