With boxy styling, go-anywhere capabilities, and a V12 engine, there’s a lot to like about the G65, but Brabus is at it again to make it even more desirable. After creating the world’s most powerful four-seat cabrio (based on the S65) followed shortly by an insane 700-hp E63 S sedan, the German tuner has now decided to work its magic on the legendary G-Class in its highest specification, the mighty G65. Only 10 are ever going to be made for a devilish price tag of €666,000 (about $800,000) and will all share a V12 biturbo engine. It won't be the 6.0-liter version as the displacement has been increased to 6.3 liters.

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Armed with a monstrous 888 horsepower (662 kilowatts) and 1,106 pound-feet (1,500 Newton-meters) of torque, the G65 “One of Ten” is the most powerful off-road vehicle in the world to be blessed with a twelve-cylinder engine, according to the aftermarket specialists based in Bottrop. It should be mentioned you won’t be able to enjoy the full mountain-moving amount of torque as it will be electronically capped at 885 lb-ft (1,200 Nm).

While the regular G65 needs 5.3 seconds to complete the 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) run, Brabus’ version currently heading to the Frankfurt Motor Show does the sprint in just 3.9 seconds, or a tenth of a second quicker than a standard Mercedes-AMG GT. Top speed has substantially been increased from the series 143 mph (230 kph) to a limited 168 mph (270 kph).

To match the upgraded V12, the G-Wagen has received a wide body kit with plenty of carbon fiber stretching the off-roader by 12 centimeters (4.7 inches). Gone are standard alloys as instead Brabus has crammed in a set of huge 23-inch forged wheels shod in Yokohama tires. The “king-sized” wheels are backed by what Brabus describes as being the biggest ever braking system created for an SUV.

Inside the leather-wrapped cabin, you won’t find the rear bench of the standard G as instead there are now two individual seats separated by a center console with a 4.3-inch touch panel. From heated and cooled cup holders to a built-in safe with an electrically powered drawer, the G65 “One of Ten” takes the concept of customized cars to a whole new level.

Never change, Brabus.

Source: Brabus

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