Working for Ferrari would be a dream job for most petrolheads, but as is often the case with such idealized occupations, there are drawbacks. Among the biggest would be that, as an employee of the Italian supercar manufacturer, you’re not allowed to actually own a Ferrari. At least not a brand new one, according to Ferrari’s Marketing Manager Enrico Galliera.

2017 Ferrari 488 GTB
2017 Ferrari 488 GTB

Whereas most manufacturers would consider a new company car as a perk, Ferrari’s approach, according to Galliera, is a necessary one. It’s not that employees aren’t worthy of the brand, but when only a limited number of cars are available, the manufacturer considers it customers first.

In this instance, customers first means both in terms of limited-production models, as well as time-to-production. Most often, Ferrari has more paying customers for a particular model than available cars, so the manufacturer keeps employees out of the equation. Even in cases where demand doesn’t outweigh supply, Ferrari doesn’t want potential employee orders delaying the delivery of a customer-ordered car. Ferrari, it seems, is very keen on keeping its customer base happy.


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This raises something of a dilemma, however. Is it not possible for Ferrari employees to also be customers? We have no answer to that question, save to say that the only Ferrari “employees” able to buy a new car are the manufacturer’s Formula One drivers, and we suspect such an arrangement is part of their contract.

That’s not to say Ferrari employees can’t have a Ferrari at all. They just need to turn to the used market, where there are certainly plenty of cars to choose from. If it’s any consolation, Galliera is also the person who decides which select Ferrari customers can order special edition cars. In other words, from employees to would-be customers, Ferrari is very selective on who owns its range of cars.

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