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Gemballa does the Porsche Panamera and calls it the Mistrale. (The Mistrale is the name of a cold, Northwest wind that sweeps through the region of Provence in the south of France.)

The highly-specialized German tuner of Porsche models has come up with this new look for the recently unleashed Panamera. Details on what will lie beneath that re-fashioned exterior remain few, but hey, with tuning, exterior styling are half the fun anyway.

By the looks of it, changes to the face are in store for the Panamera, with a wholly new front bumper including a carbon fiber lip flowing seamlessly into the front skirt. The large air intake slits (on the bonnet too) also hint at some serious power upgrades with their capacity for increased cooling of brakes and engine.

At the back are also some additional touches to give the Panamera more of a 911 coupe/sedan look. A rear diffuser made to hold a quad stainless-steel sport exhaust is effortlessly integrated into the Panamera's existing rear bumper. Air outlets are also added at the back.

The 22-inch alloy wheels (likely by Gemballa) are the visual signature of what will surely be a performance-oriented Panamera tuning job. Stay tuned.


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