Ilmor Engineering is developing a new 5-stroke 700cc engine that could potentially develop 112kW (150bhp) and over 160Nm. It is also at least 5 percent more efficient than an an equivalent direct injection engine. Manufacturing partners are being sought.

A new advanced engine is being developed by Ilmor Engineering, a company once part-owned by Mercedes-Benz while it supplied the Germans with their F1 powerplants. The new initiative is a three-cylinder, 700cc (0.7-litre) five-stroke turbocharged petrol that Ilmor says is at least 5% more efficient than an equivalent direct injection engine. This is despite it having a multipoint injection system.

Ilmor is currently getting 97kW (130bhp) and 165Nm (122lb-ft) of torque out of it. New developments are being planned to cylinder capacity, valvegear design, turbo selection, and ancillaries. These should increase power to 112kW (150bhp) and return a weight saving of 20%. The prototype is thus exhibiting performance and torque characteristics of a small diesel engine but without the related C02 emissions.

Steve O'Connor, Ilmor's engineering manager says this is just the beginning. He states that plenty of refinements to this concept are under way and they will see even more improvements to all the aforementioned figures.

OEM customers are being sought to partner with the company for manufacturing purposes. The best application for this motor seems to be in the hybrid arena so automakers with hybrid plans can expect a call from O'Connor and his colleagues, if they have not received one yet.


Ilmor announces 700cc five-stroke petrol turbo engine making 130bhp