Could these renderings be officially created by Saab for internal use only? We break the images down inside.

Do these images actually show official manufacturer renderings of the 2010 Saab 9-5 sedan and 9-5 wagon?  Two different blogs seem to think so.

Both and believe that the source of these images is Saab itself.  We're not so sure.  The images are far from perfect (is that a scratch on the front bumper of the 9-5 sedan?), showing two drawings that need some finishing touches.  Most recently, the wagon was seen under a tight-fitting cloth cover teasing us with an idea of what the vehicle will look like.

Comparing these pictures with the rendering, we think we can spot a few differences.  The rendering does not appear to have a steep enough angle just over the rear headlights.  Rigidity looks to be key in the back end of the covered up car, as opposed to the smoothness seen in the drawing.  Also, the rendering shows a roofline that plunges down at the back quite a bit more than the concealed 9-5 wagon, which shows a flatter roof.

However, what the artist seems to have been accurate on is the overall shape of the front bumper, including headlight placement, air intakes, grille shape, and fog lght location.  Also, the wheels appear to be fairly close in design to what Saab has included on their teaser car.

If the wagon looks remotely similar to this drawing, it could definitely be a hit for the Swedish automaker.

2010 Saab 9-5 sedan and wagon CGIs surface