Remember the Mythbusters episode where the team was trying to cut a car in half with a gigantic snow plow? The myth was that such a collision could cleanly cut a car in half, but after no small amount of testing, the verdict came back busted – not possible. Apparently the vehicle of choice for performing such a split isn't a huge plow with a pointed blade, but a full-size Toyota Sequoia sport utility vehicle.

According to The Press Democrat, The incredible accident occurred in the morning of May 14, on Highway 101 near Cloverdale, California. 27-year old Kevin Fenty was traveling north in his Toyota when he drifted across the center line, hitting 26-year Apol Lansang and her Chevrolet Impala head-on.

Or rather, the impact was mostly head-on. Somehow the force of the collision caused the Impala to literally rip in two, completely severing the driver side of the passenger compartment from pretty much the rest of the unibody. Looking closely at the video, we see the front end and engine are more or less intact but the roof and everything behind the driver seat is just gone. Thankfully there were no other passengers in the car.

The impact pushed the entire front clip of the Sequoia back to the passenger compartment, but that doesn’t matter because Fenty was thrown from the SUV. Despite driving the larger vehicle that wasn’t torn to shreds, he fared worse in the collision with moderate injuries. The fact that anyone could live through such a collision, never mind be conscious, alert, and free of serious injury is beyond amazing.

A word of warning before watching the video – the incredible damage to the vehicles alone can be enough to cause some distress, but there is also a bit of blood visible on Fenty as he’s being tended to, so view with caution.

As for the cause of the crash, that’s still under investigation but drugs are believed to be a factor. Beyond that, we are extremely interested to learn more details of the collision, to understand just how this Impala separated the way it did. We suspect General Motors might be interested as well, because cars aren’t supposed to, you know, freaking tear in half unless something properly catastrophic has happened.

 Source: The Press Democrat

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