Cold air through the largest functional hood scoop on a production car.

Dodge's latest teaser for the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon reveals the muscle car’s ravenous appetite for oxygen. In Forced Induction, we see the model's massive Air Grabber cold air intake hood. At over 45 square inches (290.3 square centimeters), it's the largest one ever installed on a production vehicle. The ample opening is just what the supercharged V8 needs for making as much power as possible.

Like the Challenger SRT Hellcat, the Demon has a pair of illuminated Air Catcher intakes in the headlight buckets. Combined with the Air Grabber hood scoop, Dodge reports that the muscle car has lower inlet air temperatures than the Hellcat, which means a denser charge of oxygen to force into the cylinder.

Dodge Challenger Demon Hood Scoop

From previous teasers, we know Dodge and SRT will let buyers tweak the Challenger Demon to be a pure drag racer or something more civilized. The company also manages to shed 215 pounds (97.5 kilograms) off the scales compared to the Hellcat from a radical diet that includes removing the seats, stereo speakers, some sound deadening, and much more.

The automaker is still keeping the performance specs about the Challenger Demon a closely guarded secret, but it should have no problem sending the muscle to the road. Dodge and SRT fit the muscle car with special Demon-branded 18- x 11-inch 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R drag radials, which should be quite sticky.

The teasers still haven’t really showed us the Challenger Demon’s complete design, but Vin Diesel possibly already let the devil out of its cage. In a recent video for Fate of the Furious, the star stood in front of what appeared to be Dodge’s much-anticipated muscle car. The good news was that the mean machine looked fantastic.

We hope you’re not tired of Challenger Demon teasers yet because there are plenty more on the way. Forced Induction is the sixth short clip of the 14 that Dodge is producing ahead of the muscle car’s debut at the New York Auto Show.

Source: Dodge

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