V12 engine has been massaged to deliver an extra 40 horsepower, now at 740 hp.

It turns out Lamborghini’s mysterious teaser video was indeed about the Aventador S, a mid-cycle refresh for Sant’Agata Bolognese’s flagship raging bull. The “S” suffix is bringing along a more aerodynamic body derived from the range-topping SV model with a more aggressive front end featuring a beefier splitter in charge of redirecting the airflow to boost cooling. In addition, the front bumper has gained two side air ducts to aid downforce.

At the back, Lamborghini is giving the Aventador S an SV-like diffuser with vertical fins serving multiple purposes as it not only reduces drag, but it also enhances airflow and helps the supercar generate more downforce. Located in the center of the rear bumper are three single exhaust tips part of a newly developed exhaust system more than 20 percent lighter than the previous setup. As far as the active rear wing is concerned, it has three positions based on the car’s speed and the drive select mode.

Thanks to all of these design tweaks putting an emphasis on aerodynamics, the Aventador S has more than 130 percent additional downforce at the front axle compared to the pre-facelift model. Significant improvements have also been made at the back where there’s an extra 50 percent of downforce when the wing is in its optimum position, while in low-drag mode downforce has been improved by a whopping 400 percent.

Now called “LP 740-4,” it means the naturally-aspirated V12 6.5-liter engine has been optimized to deliver an extra 40 horsepower (30 kilowatts) for a grand total of 740 hp (544 kW) channeled to both axles via a seven-speed ISR gearbox. Torque has remained the same at 509 pound-feet (690 Newton-meters) attainable from 5,500 rpm. The extra punch has been obtained by tweaking the variable valve timing and the variable intake system, and Lamborghini says the engine’s maximum revs have been increased from 8,350 rpm to an impressive 8,500 rpm.

Hit the accelerator pedal hard and the Aventador S will do 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) in as little as 2.9 seconds and max out at 217 mph (350 kph).

2017 Lamborghini Aventador S
2017 Lamborghini Aventador S

The Aventador S is now Lamborghini’s first series production model to receive four-wheel steering, which aims to enhance lateral control by making the supercar more agile during low and medium speeds as well as increase its stability at higher speeds. The engineers have also fiddled with the pushrod and magneto-rheological suspension that had to be adapted to the new four-wheel steering system.

Another novelty brought by the facelift is the use of new bespoke Pirelli P Zero tires created to improve steering and traction as well as enhance braking efficiency. Speaking of which, carbon ceramic brakes are standard to stop the Aventador S in an efficient manner as it needs just 31 meters to come to a halt from 100 kph.

Stepping inside the cabin, Lamborghini is installing a new digital instrument cluster featuring multiple layouts based on the selected driving mode: Strada, Sport, Corsa, and the new configurable Ego. The Aventador S comes fitted as standard with Apple CarPlay and can be optionally had with a telemetry system.

Deliveries are programmed to kick off next spring at the following prices: $421,350 in United States, €281,555 in Europe, and £225,955 in U.K.

Source: Lamborghini

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