Rivian recently released two new models: The R2 and the R3. Part of that launch included the surprise debut of the automaker's first performance EV, the R3X. It's essentially a rugged version of the R3, with a slight suspension lift, knobby tires, and a few orange accents.

But that "X" moniker could make its way to other models, including the R1 range. A recent trademark filing suggests more jacked-up Rivians are in the works. The company filed for the R1X trademark in 2021, but wasn't published until late last year. Companies trademark names they'll never use all the time, but now that Rivian has the R3X, the R1X seems like a genuine possibility.

Although there aren't specifics on exactly how capable the Rivian R1X could be, we expect it to be able to keep up with the likes of the GMC Hummer EV on the trail, and maybe even the Ford F-150 Raptor. Here's what we know.

What Will the Rivian R1X Look Like?

Rivian R1X Rendering

All rugged performance models need the right look, naturally. The R1X would have unique fascias and new bumper treatments to improve its off-road capability. Rivian might have already teased what such a model could look like with its bedside storage patent.

The Rivian shown in the filing has an aggressive new face, rugged rockers, and a chunkier bumper that would significantly improve its approach angle. The patent fails to show most of the truck's rear, but we expect a similarly upgraded bumper at the back for all-around capability.

Rivian R1T Bedside Storage System Patent
Rivian R1X Patent

The R3X also debuted with orange accents on the mirror caps, tow hooks, and bumpers, and a teal exterior, which could be hallmarks of Rivian's performance EVs and find their way onto the R1X. The accent color should also carry over to the cabin. The new model could also include the unique bedside storage system Rivian patented last year.

Our rendering artist brought the rugged R1X to life using cues from the R3X and the original patent images.

What Will Power the R1X?

Rivian R1X Rendering

The R1S SUV and R1T pickup both have dual- and quad-motor setups, but the smaller R3X debuted with a tri-motor layout. That could be a limitation of the R3's smaller size, but Rivian didn't provide any details about the R3X's powertrain configuration.

It's unclear whether that tri-motor configuration could carry over to the larger R1, but a quad-motor setup seems like the likeliest option for a rugged R1X. If Rivian wants it to go off-road, a motor at each wheel with the right software would provide the greatest precision and control.

Rumors say a future performance R1 could have more than 1,000 horsepower. That would make sense given that the R1T has up to 835 hp on the Performance trim.

What Off-Road Upgrades Will the R1X Have?

Rivian R3X

If the R1X is part of a new trim family, it will probably take after the R3X. It'll likely get all the required hardware for tackling the trails—a raised ride height, chunkier tires wrapped around bigger wheels, and thicker cladding along the bottom.

That means the electric pickup will be even more capable on the trail. The current R1T already has a decent approach angle of 35.5 degrees and a departure angle 26.4 degrees, with the ability to wade water of up to 43.1 inches. All of those numbers should improve with the X upgrades.

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How Much Will the Rivian R1X Cost?

The Rivian R1T starts at $71,700, but costs $90,800 with the dual-motor setup and the largest Max battery. The R1S is even more expensive at $76,700 to start, and $95,800 for the dual-motor Max model.

A high-performance version like the R1X would easily push past the $100,000 mark. Assuming the quad-motor layout comes standard—which costs $88,800 on the R1T—the off-road upgrades and updated interior would make this a pretty pricey proposition.

But that's not outrageous for this type of vehicle. The GMC Hummer EV pickup starts at $99,340 for 2024 and the gas-powered Ford F-150 Raptor is $80,325 before options.

Model Price
Rivian R1X $100,000 (est.)
GMC Hummer EV $99,340
Ford F-150 Raptor $80,325

When Does the R1X Debut?

Rivian R1X Rendering

Rivian has quite a lot on its plate as it prepares to launch the R2 and, eventually, the R3. The R2 is smaller and more affordable than the R1S, and should be Rivian’s first mainstream model. It goes on sale in 2026.

But there are rumors that Rivian could launch an updated R1 series sometime this year. If that happens, it would be an opportune time to expand the R1 lineup with an X off-road variant. While Rivian will allegedly focus on improving the efficiency of its core lineup, a high-performance model with 1,000 horsepower is rumored in 2024, which could very well be the R1X.

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