Camper living or "van life" has been rampant these days, but we could be looking at the smallest and most unlikely motorhome ever. We're talking about this: a Camaro camper. Even better, it's self-converted and now a full-time living space for the owner.

In the video above, the owner gives us a detailed tour of his compact living space inside a Chevrolet Camaro. He also shared that he came from living in a Sprinter van to an SUV-converted camper, and now to this. Guess downsizing was the name of his game and he's apparently winning.

This Camaro camper is full of amenities... well, almost. It has a fully operational kitchen, a rechargeable water faucet, an electric ceramic cooker, and additional storage for cleaning products. The camper coupe also features child-proof safety locks and drawers that are filled with utensils, disposable plates, and cooking pots.

On the downside, the coupe motorhome build has no refrigerator so the owner compensates by cooking easy meals like canned soup or ramen noodles. However, he can always go to the grocery store and cook fresh meat – and bring his house in the process. It also doesn't have a toilet, so number ones are possible through a one-gallon portable urinal, but for number twos and showers, he relies on his gym membership. 

The living area inside the Camaro camper conversion isn't hard to find. The owner has customized the interior with rechargeable magnetic LED bars for lighting and a Bluetooth-enabled clock that can also act as a speaker. The seat doubles as a living room and has a secret compartment for storage, while the bed measures 6 feet (183 centimeters) long and 30 inches (76 centimeters) wide – just enough for the owner's 6 ft height. A bit claustrophobic, yes, but it is what it is. The bed features a thin, two-inch mattress covered with a one-inch mattress topper, made of three-quarter-inch Maple plywood.

The Chevy Camaro camper's solar power provides 1,000 watts of electricity. The system uses rechargeable batteries, which are charged by solar panels mounted on the roof of the car. The backrests, on the other hand, have been replaced with a self-crafted maple wood panel, which provides back support and storage for an electric heating blanket.

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