Rugged Mountain Custom RV introduces the Denali 3S flatbed camper with three slide-out sections for folks who want to hit the road but require lots of space to spread out. With some of the options, buyers can outfit the rig for spending an extended time off the grid.

Rugged Mountain co-owners Jesse and Anca Collinsworth told Truck Camper that they came up with the Denali 3S when they had two children to travel with. They found that the existing triple-slider campers on the market had retired couples as the target customer. The Collinsworths designed this one for families with features like making the bathroom accessible without extending the sliders.

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The Denali 3S fits on the Chevrolet Silverado 5500 HD, Ford F-550, and Ram 5500. It has an overall length of 20 feet 6 inches and has an interior height of 6 feet 8 inches. Beneath the living space, there's a storage area that measures 12 feet 11 inches with a 4-foot pull-out drawer. The rig carries 80 gallons of fresh water.

With the slide-out sections extended, there's even more space inside. The expandable areas include a seven-foot section in the kitchen, a five-foot part at the rear, and a six-foot segment for the side dining area.

The Denali 3S features a well-appointed interior. It comes standard with a 17-inch propane cooktop, and the rig has space for two 20-pound gas tanks for making plenty of meals. There's a stainless steel sink. The refrigerator measures eight cubic feet. There's even a fireplace.

When it's time to sleep, there's a large bed up some steps. Bunk beds are available so that even more people can rest.

The camper doesn't come standard with solar power, but the company offers four options ranging from 100 amp hours to 400 amp hours. Custom setups are possible, too.

The Denali 3S starts at $74,900. If someone wants all of the options, the price would be around $125,000. Rugged Mountain Custom RV builds 12 to 20 campers a year.

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