People continue to find new and exciting ways to begin living a nomadic lifestyle. Buses are popular vehicles to convert, as are vans and box trucks. However, one couple thought bigger and transformed a semi truck into their massive two-story motorhome.

The house is massive and packed with all the niceties one would want in day-to-day life. At the back of the trailer is a large garage that fits a jet ski, a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle, and all the tools needed to work on the Volvo truck. It’s one of many neat rooms in the vehicle.

Inside the motorhome, the kitchen has two induction stovetops, a microwave, an air fryer, and a residential-sized refrigerator. Repurposed movie theater chairs serve as dinette seating around a wooden table. The first floor is also where the two have their theater room. It fits a massive 75-inch TV and features a pair of massive speakers. It’s where the couple spends most of their time watching TV, making YouTube videos, and working. They use StarLink for internet access.

A spiral staircase leads to the second floor, where the bedroom resides. It’s in the middle of the trailer, squeezed between the living room and the small library – a last-minute addition requiring rearranging. The bathroom and shower are separate so people can use both at the same time, and are located toward the front where the closet and high-efficiency washer and dryer also reside.

The living room wall folds out to form a walk-out balcony. The couple also installed a small refrigerator so they wouldn’t have to walk downstairs for a snack and a drink. The space even has utensils and the equipment needed to make tea.

The couple’s motorhome cost about $250,000, including procuring the truck and trailer. It’s a lot of money, but one that gives them a lot of freedom with few sacrifices. Something that large would be cumbersome to drive every day, but it’s also large enough to store additional forms of transportation, and that’s a nice feature to have.

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