It's podcast time! This week, Bruce and Smith really put the Rambling in Rambling About Cars. The discussion opens with a closer look at the new-for-2022 Honda Civic, marking the 11th generation of the forever-popular compact car. However, it's just a primer for the heart of this discussion, which are the audacious claims from both Ford and General Motors that buyers simply don't want sedans or hatchbacks anymore.

This is one position on which the hosts passionately agree, and they aren't alone. Volkswagen and Toyota have been vocal about sticking with sedans, with the Japanese automaker even expressing surprise at how just how strong that demand still is. The Toyota Camry has long been a popular vehicle, and Smith hammers that point home by reminding listeners that in 2020, the Camry was the sixth best-selling vehicle in the US market with nearly 300,000 sales. It easily outsold the Explorer, Ford's second-best-selling vehicle behind the F-Series. For that matter, the Corolla and the Honda Civic also outsold Explorer. Dead segments? Hardly.


GM also gets some sharp criticism from the Chris's, though it's focused primarily on Chevrolet's similar lack of vision as Ford. The Detroit-based divisions of Stellantis – namely Dodge and Chrysler – also receive wrath for all but abandoning the affordable car segment with the ancient Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300. Yes, those models have a cult following, but it's barely small potatoes in terms of overall sales. Smith argues that the truck/SUV bubble will once again burst as it did in 2009, and American brands with their short-sighted eggs firmly in one basket will experience the crash all over again.

Also, Bruce hates the name Stellantis, whereas Smith thinks it sounds like the name of some obscure 1980s sci-fi adventure hero. We weren't kidding when we said the hosts really ramble this time around.

Moving on from the ranting, the duo wax poetic about sedans and hatchbacks of years gone by. From Alfas to Impalas and Smith's unyielding love for the old Taurus SHO, the Chris's wonder if they will ever again see new sedans and hatchbacks wearing the badges of now-extinct models.

What's your take on sedans and hatchbacks? What dead Detroit models do you yearn to see resurrected to battle the Accords, Civics, Corollas, and Camrys of the world? Smith and Bruce want to hear from you on this, so drop a comment below or send your thoughts to

Rambling About Cars Episode 18 Preview

It's high time we talked about pickup trucks. We're at an interesting point in the US market as new trucks of various sizes are either entering the market now, or on deck to appear soon. Senior Editor Brett Evans will return to the show, joining Bruce and Smith with his deep knowledge of the pickup world to discuss the current state of affairs, and what's to come. If you can't imagine life without your beloved rig, this is a podcast you simply cannot miss.

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