The debut of the Tesla Cybertruck last night was unlike any unveiling I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot a vehicle debuts. Part carnival sideshow, part gauntlet-throwing ceremony, the Cybertruck's debut had a little bit of everything: audience gasps, shattered glass, a sledgehammer, and an ATV. It was an assault on the senses. Following a good night's sleep, though, it's becoming clearer to me who the winners and losers are in the wake of the truck's coming out party

I do want to make clear these opinions are my own, and are just that, opinions. And by no means do I mean to hurl a hateful name at anyone; no one's actually a loser in the schoolyard taunt sense. Rather, last night's debut benefitted some people and didn't others, and the latter group I'm labeling the Losers. Click above to get started and let me know in the comments who or what you would add or strike from the list.

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