Some of our greatest discussions are spawned from the very articles we publish. The latest example is this article: 30 Cars, Trucks, And SUVs Being Discontinued In 2019. The newsroom was abuzz the day we published this list with opinions flying left and right about which vehicles don't deserve to die. So we turned that discussion into this week's episode of the Podcast

The panel this week again includes Global Editor-in-Chief John Neff, Senior Writer Jeff Perez, and Writer Chris Bruce. After running through the entire list of cars on the kill list, each host was tasked with choosing three vehicles they would save from the crusher. In order to save a car, though, another must be sacrificed, so our hosts were forced to name another car they would put on the list in the first one's place. 

As always, the episode ends with our favorite segment, What We're Driving This Week. Perez found himself behind the wheel of something that should be the cheapest car sold in America but isn't, Bruce was again playing games with his answer, and Neff revealed he had the keys to a small Cadillac

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