On this week's episode the Motor1.com Podcast, your host, Motor1.com Global Editor-in-Chief John Neff, is joined by Senior Editor Greg Fink and Writer Chris Bruce to discuss a question for which there seems no satisfactory answer: what's the difference between a crossover and an SUV? 


Human nature is such that we have an innate need to categorize things, and somewhere along the way the term "crossover" entered the lexicon to describe an SUV-like vehicle that's not an SUV. Beyond that, what a crossover actually is has been open for interpretation. Does being a crossover depend on the vehicle's platform, its appearance, its drivetrain, or something else that's ineffable? Your hosts attempt to answer this question once and for all. 

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As always, the podcast closes with the hosts discussing what they've been behind the wheel of this week. Neff has another BMW, while Greg's been driving the long-term Honda Pilot, and Chris Bruce reveals his daily driver is the first-generation of much-beloved little car.

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