The editors play a game in this week's episode. Inspired by an article published earlier in the week that lists the 20 oldest vehicles still on sale in the U.S., they decide the fate of each and every decrepit nameplate from among three possible outcomes: kill it, invest in it, or let it ride. 

All of the vehicles have been on sale virtually unchanged since at least model year 2010, and a few go back much farther. There are also brands that dominate the list with their old ass models that seem to have been around forever, because they have been. 

As you'll hear, though, the game's not so simple. Rather than wipe out the whole lot with kill verdicts, Global Editor in Chief John Neff, Senior Editor Jeff Perez, and Writer Chris Bruce are forced to be considerate and choose wisely, only swinging the executioner's axe when it's in the brand's best interest. More often than you would expect, though, our editors grant clemency and fight for their futures. 

The show ends with our favorite part of each show, What We're Driving. Perez was handed the keys to the same Chevy Blazer that Neff drove that week and offers a different take, while Bruce has been driving an off-brand Ferrari Testarossa convertible through '80s-era Miami with a Jane Doe sitting shotgun. He'll explain. Lastly, Neff feels right at home behind the wheel of a 2019 Honda Odyssey despite not having any kids.

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