This is a podcast 15 years in the making! John Neff is's global editor-in-chief, but he grew to prominence back in the mid-2000s as the chief editor at Autoblog. Around the same time, Mike Spinelli was making waves as the chief editor for Jalopnik. Today, Spinelli is an executive producer at The Drive, but both men – and the websites they helmed back in the day – led the digital revolution in the world of automotive journalism.




It was a rivalry that was whirlwind exciting, but amazingly, this is the first time these two have had the opportunity for a lengthy sit-down to talk about those early days one-on-one. It was a time when the internet's role in reporting news hadn't been fully understood or realized, but we all know just how large these two websites became during the tenures of Neff and Spinelli.

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