As Americans head to the polls for the 2018 mid-term elections, we're reminded that with great power comes great cars to ride around in. Or rather, cars that offer luxurious accommodations while being armored to the hilt and equipped to run a country while on the move. Powerful men and women – heads of state, royalty, and other high ranking officials – travel in these highly technical vehicles but let's not forget that image matters, too. Presidential cars are part of a politicians’ identity when they’re in public. 

Often, the vehicles and the politicians originate from the same country. That’s why you won’t find Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, riding in a French Citroën DS or a British Jaguar. After all, these models must proudly represent their country of origin. 

We’ve compiled 13 vehicles and matched them with their respected heads of state, or other VIPs. While you're waiting in line to cast your vote, see if you guess which politician rides in which vehicle. Click through the slideshow to find out. 

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