Join us on Facebook Live as we talk about all the cars we're driving in Detroit, each week.

The lifeblood of the Motor1 Detroit office is the consistent and interesting stream of test cars we receive (though the refrigerator full of ice-cold LaCroix is a close second place). Every week our editorial team rotates through five or more vehicles, all for the purpose of bringing you the most comprehensive new-car review coverage on the planet. 

Part of the fun of working from this office is getting to sit around and talk about the cars we drove the night before. Something that we’d love to bring you in on, dear reader. That’s why, through the magic of Facebook Live, we’ve started airing the Motor1 Garage segment, every Thursday at 4:00 PM Eastern. 

Today our intrepid team will chat about the Volkswagen Golf S, Toyota 86Honda Odyssey, and the all-new Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

Check out the livestream in the player above (if the embed code works). Or, you can click over to our Facebook page (be sure to “Like” us if you haven’t already) to watch. Not only can you hear Seyth, Steven, Jake, and occasional friends BS about test cars, but you can ask questions about them, too.