When Hyundai’s lengthy powertrain warranty expires, extended coverage can give you extra protection benefits.

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If you’re looking to buy a Hyundai, then you’re in luck. Not only has J.D. Power ranked the brand third in new-vehicle quality, but Hyundai parts are also protected by what Hyundai calls “America’s Best Warranty.” It includes bumper-to-bumper coverage for 5 years/60,000 miles and powertrain coverage for 10 years/100,000 miles, making it one of the longest new car warranties among automakers.

We’ve dug into Hyundai’s warranty, and this is what we think you will need to know as a Hyundai owner, including your options for continuing coverage through an extended warranty. If you’ve never considered an extended warranty, we’ll explain its benefits and why we recommend purchasing from a top provider such as CARCHEX.

Out of the 12 leading car warranty companies we rated, CARCHEX came out as No. 1. For a free, customized extended warranty quote, call 877-253-0058 or visit the CARCHEX website.

Hyundai Warranty Coverage

Hyundai’s warranty is also called “Assurance.” New Hyundai vehicles come with a host of warranties included with the purchase:

  • 10-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Warranty: This generous powertrain warranty covers the engine and transmission components of your Hyundai. However, this length of coverage only applies to the original owner. For subsequent owners, the powertrain is covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty for only 5 years/60,000 miles.
  • 5-Year/60,000-Mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty: Many manufacturers’ limited warranties only last 36 months/36,000 miles or 4 years/50,000 miles. This transferable Hyundai bumper-to-bumper warranty covers your entire vehicle even longer. Exceptions are the 12V battery and paint (3 years/36,000 miles), air conditioner refrigerant charge (1 year/unlimited miles), and adjustments (1 year/12,000 miles).
  • 7-Year/Unlimited Miles Anti-Perforation Warranty: Hyundai covers vehicle body sheet metal that has perforation (holes from rust) from corrosion due to faulty material or factory workmanship. 
  • 5-Year/Unlimited Miles 24/7 Roadside Assistance: This coverage offers extra roadside benefits in the event of a breakdown, including towing to the nearest Hyundai dealership, jump starts, flat tire changes, lock out service, and gas delivery.
  • 12-Month/12,000-Mile or Unlimited Miles Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty: This warranty covers Hyundai Genuine accessories and replacement parts installed by an authorized Hyundai dealership. 
  • 8-Year/80,000-Mile Federal Emission Defect and Performance Warranties: These cover repair or replacement of major emissions control components, such as the catalytic converter assembly, exhaust manifold catalytic assembly, and engine control module. Other emissions components are covered for 5 years/60,000 miles. A separate California Emissions Control Systems Warranty covers California-specific components and other required components based on California’s law. 
  • Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty: This lifetime warranty applies to all Hyundai hybrid and electric batteries. Though there is a lifetime term, subsequent owners only get coverage for 10 years/100,000 miles

What’s Not Covered Under A Hyundai Warranty?

Though Hyundai offers generous coverage, its warranty exclusions are standard as far as factory warranties are concerned. 

Hyundai’s warranty does not cover:

  • Regular maintenance (oil changes, cleaning, polishing, etc.)
  • Regular maintenance items (wiper blades, brake pads, etc.) after the 12-month/12,000-mile term has expired
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Any vehicle declared a total loss
  • Negligence or damage caused by accidents

Is A Hyundai Factory Warranty Enough Coverage?

The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that drivers between the ages of 20 and 54 put more than 15,000 miles on their car annually. Americans drive more miles now than ever before, and many Americans push their car to over 200,000 miles. That means it's likely you'll drive your Hyundai long past your warranty's expiration. 

If you plan to keep your Hyundai vehicle until the end of its lifespan, then you will benefit the most from Hyundai’s lengthy powertrain warranty. But if you’re thinking of selling your vehicle, the buyer will have a substantially shorter coverage term – provided the factory warranty hasn’t already expired. Hyundai’s powertrain warranty only provides protection up to 5 years/60,000 miles for subsequent owners. 

Whether you're the first or second owner, you'll be responsible for repair costs once the original warranty expires. Despite the brand’s high reliability ranking, Hyundai drivers still cite common problems that require repairs, such as:

  • Engine stalling or failure due to crankshaft sensor failure
  • AC not blowing cold air due to a seized AC compressor
  • Parking lights don’t turn off
  • Check engine light on due to multiple part issues

While Hyundai’s factory warranty covers engine and transmission issues for 10 years/100,000 miles, issues with doors, air conditioning, and other common electrical components aren’t covered for as long. Problems don’t often arise until the car reaches a certain age or mileage mark. That’s why an extended warranty is an effective way to avoid paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs. 

Hyundai repair at dealer

Extended Auto Warranties Help Drivers Go The Distance 

An extended warranty is a separate protection plan that starts once Hyundai’s warranty expires. Unlike an original warranty, which is included in the price of the vehicle, a vehicle service contract (VSC) – colloquially called an extended warranty – is purchased at an additional cost. 

When Should You Buy An Extended Warranty?

Because an extended warranty is only valid after the factory Hyundai warranty expires, you may believe it’s best to wait to purchase an extended protection plan. However, the price of an extended warranty increases as your vehicle ages, which means it’s best to shop for an extended warranty while your factory warranty is still active. 

An extended auto warranty can provide additional benefits to your Hyundai warranty. Some plans even cover seals and gaskets, tires, road hazards, and wear and tear items.

Who Offers Extended Warranties?

Hyundai extended warranties are available through dealerships and third-party VSC companies. Each provider offers different levels of coverage with its own specific price points and limitations. 

Though third-party companies can’t guarantee genuine or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, their protection plans are often less expensive. For a reasonable price, you can get as much coverage as a factory Hyundai warranty for longer terms.

To show you how warranties from dealerships and third-party extended warranty providers compare, we've broken down the extended Hyundai warranty and CARCHEX extended warranty to look at their coverage tiers, pricing, and additional benefits.

Hyundai Extended Warranty

Hyundai’s Protection Plan Vehicle Service Contract is extended coverage offered by Hyundai. The program offers 3 levels of coverage for up to 10 years/100,000 miles. 

  • Platinum: The Platinum plan is a bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers over 1,500 Hyundai parts. It's the most comprehensive coverage available from Hyundai. 
  • Gold: This plan covers the powertrain and several additional component groups, such as the front and rear suspension, shocks, electrical system, fuel system, and climate control. 
  • Powertrain: This plan covers the engine, transmission, and drive axle. 

In addition to component coverage, Hyundai’s extended warranty includes 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, rental car reimbursement up to $35 a day up to 10 days, and trip interruption coverage.

Hyundai's extended warranty plans are transferable, and you have the option of incorporating the additional price of the warranty into your auto financing. Though, keep in mind, that means you might be paying interest on your extended warranty.

Hyundai Protection With CARCHEX, A Vehicle Service Contract Provider

We researched 12 leading extended warranty companies and rated CARCHEX as our Best Overall, ranking highly in these areas:

  1. Coverage options
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Cost
  4. Customer service
  5. Convenience
  6. Additional perks

In our "secret shopper" analysis, we found CARCHEX agents work with consumers to find a customized plan that anticipates the needs of their specific Hyundai model. According to data we gathered in our reviews process, the average time to get a complete customized quote was under 11 minutes.

CARCHEX offers five coverage tiers: Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze:

  • Titanium: This protection level is similar to Hyundai’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty. It’s exclusionary, which means it only lists the items not protected, such as tires, wear and tear items, and damage from accident or neglect. 
  • Platinum: The highest level of stated-component coverage, this level covers all of the vehicle’s major systems. 
  • Gold: This level of coverage is considered the best value due to its reasonable prices and comprehensive coverage. This is a good option for cars with more than 60,000 miles, which is when Hyundai’s bumper-to-bumper warranty ends. 
  • Silver: The Silver coverage level is a “powertrain plus” plan that adds a bit more protection for internal components of your heating, cooling, fuel delivery, and electrical systems. 
  • Bronze: Bronze coverage is equivalent to Hyundai’s extended powertrain warranty with basic coverage for your engine, transmission, and drive axle.

CARCHEX offers more coverage tiers than Hyundai’s protection program, and each tier includes several plans provided by multiple administrators (the plan providers who handle all claims). Since the administrators are competing for your business, CARCHEX is able to lower the price of extended Hyundai coverage compared to manufacturer or dealership warranties. 

Here are the top things we like about buying from CARCHEX:

  • A simple monthly payment plan
  • Low deductibles (sometimes as low as $0)
  • No-Haggle, Low-Price, Everyday Guarantee™
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for unsatisfied customers
  • Claims paid directly to the repair facility (no waiting for a reimbursement)

Hopefully, you don't have breakdowns, but if you do, our analysis suggests CARCHEX will cover you more effectively. They have:

  • Over 30,000 certified repair facilities to choose from (national chains, local mechanics, and dealerships)
  • 24/7 roadside assistance to get you and your car to the repair facility
  • Better Business Bureau-accredited, A+ rated customer service – an important signal CARCHEX will treat you with courtesy and pay your claim

Similar to Hyundai, CARCHEX plans are transferable to a different owner.

Our Roundup Of Other Third-Party Companies

While CARCHEX is our top-rated pick, there are other extended warranty companies that also deserve consideration:

We have evaluated other companies as well, but suggest you focus on our top picks. Some third-party extended warranty brokers may leave you stuck with the bill or pressure you into buying a protection plan right away. Our overall winner CARCHEX works with top-rated, insurance-backed providers, such as Royal Administration Services, so you don’t have to worry about its ability to pay the claim. In addition, customers report they were not pressured to buy, and representatives were upfront about fine print details in the contract. 

Our Recap: Play It Safe By Picking A Top-Rated Provider

In summary, when your Hyundai warranty expires, don't let a surprise part failure throw a wrench in your finances. We recommend purchasing an extended warranty, which provides a financial backstop along with peace of mind. 

Our top-recommended pick, CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plans, offers an affordable alternative to a dealership warranty, but with all of the same bells and whistles. 

For a free, customized quote, call 877-253-0058 or visit the CARCHEX website.