– Ann Arbor, Michigan

While it might look like our jobs are nothing but driving cool cars in awesome locations, the truth is, that's only a very small part of it. So often, the fun test cars are parked while we stare at computer screens, listen in on conference calls, and slog through airports. But when something really special comes our way, it's easy to make the case for playing hooky, and getting out to enjoy a day of backroad driving.

That's exactly what we did when this Nouvelle Blue 2017 Acura NSX arrived a few weeks ago. Rather than just daydream about it, we put our busywork aside and spent the day getting to know Acura's hybrid supercar on some of our favorite local roads, far away from the city streets near the Motor1 Detroit office. Sure, we've tested the NSX before (you'll find links to our First and Second Drive stories below), but there's something to be said for experiencing a great car on familiar turf.

Watch the video above to see and hear the new NSX as we test it against the familiar backdrop of southeast Michigan.


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