At an estimated $325,000, the Ford Mustang GTD is already supremely expensive. As Ford prepares to send its road-legal GT3 car up the hill at Goodwood, the company has revealed a new option available to GTD buyers. Actually, it's an option to limit the options for other GTD buyers. Thunderdome is about to begin.

The GTD will be offered in six standard colors that anyone can choose. For those wanting something special, Ford offers the optional Extended Color Palette that opens up thousands of different shades. One of them—a delectable shade called Indulgent Blue—will be on display at Goodwood. But affluent Mustang fans who truly want a unique car can take it a step further by selecting the Exclusive Extended Color Palette Lock-Out Option.

In short, if a buyer wants total domination of a specific color, they can get it by paying a bit extra. How much extra? We don't know, and frankly, we'd be surprised if Ford releases the price. We'd also be surprised if, at some point, there aren't at least a couple of deep-pocketed individuals grumpy over not getting the exact color they want. After all, there might be infinite shades of gray. But there's only one Mystic.

Mystic is the color-shifting paint used on the 1996 SVT Mustang Cobra that incorporated the same dyes used to print money. To this day it take literal government intervention to get some of that paint. We don't even know if Ford can use it on the GTD, but if there's ever an opportunity to see rich people get into fistfights over a color, this could be it.

There's also Mystichrome, a similar color-shifting paint applied to the 2004 SVT Cobra. It doesn't have the super-secret dye so it should be fair game. For all we know, someone may have already locked it down. Perhaps punches are already being thrown?

One thing is for certain. There's no shortage of people who want a Mustang GTD. Ford received over 7,500 applications from US and Canadian buyers, vying for one of an estimated 1,400 cars planned for production over the next two years. There's all kinds of hype for this car. Now we just need to see if it delivers.

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