After closing the application window for the Mustang GTD in the United States and Canada, Ford is now accepting requests for its range-topping 'Stang in Europe, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. You have until July 19 to express your interest, but prepare to pony up (pun intended) a lot of dough for the hardcore sports car.

The Blue Oval has set up a dedicated page where we found some major pricing discrepancies from one Euro country to another. Because of varying local taxes, the Mustang GTD can cost as much as $562,300 in Austria. It's a relative bargain in Romania and Germany where the flagship Ford Performance vehicle retails for $385,100. It's even cheaper in Puerto Rico, at $325,000, matching the US pricing.

Canadians get the best deal by paying "only" $320,000 but the order books have been closed. Ford has announced production for the US and Canada is scheduled to begin in late 2024 or early next year. It has enough orders to keep busy for the entirety of the 2025 and 2026 model years.

European production start is estimated for next spring. Buyers from this region not only have to pay a lot more for the GTD but the car might not be street-legal in all markets. Ford mentions the angry-looking Mustang is currently undergoing homologation but it might end up as a track-only model in certain countries.

Customers accepted by the company to sign their names on the dotted line will be informed about whether their cars will have a license plate or not. Attached below is all the Mustang GTD pricing information available for now. It's worth noting Europeans must take delivery in Spain.

Country Price Converted to Dollars
Austria €525,500 $562,300
Belgium €366,000 $391,600
Czech Republic 9,205,000 CZK $398,300
Denmark 2,840,375 DKK $407,400
Finland €381,000 $407,700
France €364,900 $390,400
Germany €359,900 $385,100
Hungary 160,000,000 HUF $430,300
Italy €370,000 $395,900
Luxembourg €366,000 $391,600
Netherlands €476,800 $510,200
Norway 5,479,000 NOK $512,200
Poland 1,999,000 PLN $488,400
Romania €359,900 $385,100
Spain €398,500 $426,400
Sweden N/A N/A
United Kingdom £315,000 $399,200
United States $325,000 $325,000
Canada 440,000 CDN $320,000
Mexico $325,000 $325,000
Puerto Rico $325,000 $325,000
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