Goodyear is adding a new all-terrain option to its Cooper Discoverer tire lineup. It’s called the Cooper Discoverer Stronghold AT and will be available in 28 sizes that fit rims measuring 16 to 20 inches.

Goodyear designed the tire for various off-road conditions, giving the Stronghold AT wide, open tread grooves for soft surfaces and narrow center ones for stability. The tire features scooped tread edges with a sidewall hook pattern. Ledges between the tread lugs, designed to rest cranking and tearing, prevent stones from getting stuck between them.

Cooper Discoverer Stronghold AT

The tire also has the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Designation, meeting the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards traction requirement for snow. Textured grooves on the tire’s shoulders help grab into the powder.

You can see if it fits your vehicle here. The Cooper Discoverer Stronghold AT will fit many popular models like the Ford Super Duty, Jeep Gladiator, and other heavy-duty pickups and vans.

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