Jeep is a few years into reinvigorating its lineup. The new Grand Cherokee debuted in 2021, followed by the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer after that, and most recently, the all-electric Wagoneer S, which goes on sale later this year. However, a presentation from Stellantis's 2024 Investor Day reveals that Jeep has at least three more SUVs on the way.

The first of Jeep's new SUVs is a fresh Renegade. Last year, rumors said the Renegade was dead in the US after the 2023 model year, but the subcompact SUV is just going on a short vacation. The presentation promises a new Renegade by 2027 with an electric powertrain; it will cost "under $25,000 for [the] BEV variant."

In the same year, Jeep will introduce a new version of the compact Compass. The Compass was also rumored to be discontinued after 2023, but Jeep introduced a lightly updated version for this year and the company plans to keep the nameplate around at least until 2027.

Beyond the names we know, Jeep also has a third unnamed SUV on the way. The presentation calls it a "New Mainstream UV," and it's positioned as a D-Segment vehicle—that would put it just underneath the Grand Cherokee in the lineup. It would sit alongside the all-electric Wagoneer S and Recon. The Recon will go on sale in the US next year.

With these new plans, Jeep hopes to boost its market share from 45% to 85% in the US and increase sales globally from one million to 1.5 million. One million of those SUVs will be sold in the US. The company also wants to expand its manufacturing footprint in the States from 760,000 models to more than one million.

By 2027, Jeep hopes to have 10 US SUVs and one truck—the Gladiator—on sale Stateside.

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