Electric Lamborghinis and more advanced hybrids are coming. Whether that happens sooner rather than later is still uncertain, but the supercar brand isn't planning to simply swap gas for electrons and soldier on like nothing has changed.

That's the takeaway from a recent Top Gear report featuring Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer Rouven Mohr. He speaks at length about character in a future where the sound of an engine and the connection of a manually-shifted gearbox don't exist. To fill the void, he says companies like Lamborghini must be progressive in finding new ways to make people want cars. According to him, bonkers acceleration just isn't enough.

2025 Lamborghini Urus SE

"Character is defined by other things," he told Top Gear. "I think we have some cool ideas. In the next year or two we will showcase our thoughts. It’s far away from what your zero to 62 mph acceleration time is. That is not something that generates fun."

It's a bold statement considering pretty much everyone looks at acceleration as a key metric for performance. And automakers love to brag about quick times—the faster you go, the more exciting the ride. Electric motors with instant torque are outstanding for delivering gut-punching acceleration, but Mohr suggests straight-line speed without the sound of an engine is an imitation of what's already been done. He envisions a future where the advantages of electric power are used in other ways to generate excitement.

That means handling. And we've already seen some of this in action with other automakers. Mercedes-Benz and Rivian both made headlines with tank turns—spinning electrically driven wheels in opposite directions to rotate the vehicle in place. Torque vectoring is something that's been around for decades, but the instant response of electric motors opens up new possibilities.

Mohr doesn't offer any details on what Lamborghini has cooking. Instead, he suggests the the company's Active Wheel Carrier tech combined with instant power management through electric motors could lead to a new level of maneuverability. Presumably, that doesn't mean a tank-turning Lambo.

Will we see some of this super maneuverability on the Huracan replacement? We'll find out in August when the new hybrid Lambo debuts later this year.

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