We usually kid ourselves when we say that we're going to keep the [insert favorite make and model] forever. In many cases, something shinier comes along and we make the switch, deciding to part ways with the beloved sports car we had promised to keep for eternity. Richard is an exception, having bought his 911 more than half a century ago and still driving it to this day.

This 911T Targa made in February 1973 continues to be with its original owner, who bought it new back in April 1973 from a dealer in California. It cost roughly $10,000 after options, which in today's money would be around $70,000, adjusted for inflation. That's still very much a bargain considering the cheapest Targa money can buy starts at $134,500, rising to $186,000 for the Targa 4 GTS.

As you can imagine, having the car for 51 years means Richard has a lot of stories to tell. He recalls hitting a deer during an early morning drive in Los Angeles with his girlfriend at some point in 1974, so just one year after taking delivery. The 911 has gone through subtle changes over the years, embracing the OEM+ look. In 1991, after being dormant for five years, the car received the fender flares of a 1973 911 Carrera RS. That also involved adjusting the rear bumper to align with the wider hips.

The 16-inch rear wheels come from a 1986 930 Turbo while the front alloys are actually the 16-inch rear wheels of a 1986 944 Turbo. Richard decided to use acrylic paint for the reverse lights to make them look like the amber lights of Porsche models sold in Europe. This 911T Targa also has an aluminum rear deck lid while retaining the mandatory bumperettes. At the front, the bumper comes from a 911S and the headlights are aftermarket with less chrome than the original set.

Despite its venerable age, this Porsche still has the original chrome and rubber in all the areas above the door handle level. The rocker panels come from an RS. Open the trunk and you'll find the original carpet that Porsche installed over 50 years ago. Predictably, Richard has kept the tool kit that came with his prized possession, as well as the original jack, owner's manual, a certificate of authenticity, window sticker, and all service records.

At the back, the 3.2-liter engine is from a salvaged 1986 911 with just 20,000 to 25,000 miles on the clock. While the car itself has around 130,000 miles, the engine installed in 1991 has done around 15,000 miles. Following several mods, the car makes about 260 to 265 horsepower. Inside, everything is original, save for the seats, steering wheel, radio, sun visors, and the floor mats. Although not the OEM seats, these Recaros with pump-up lumbar support are also 51 years old.

This targa-topped time capsule is certainly a labor of love and we can't imagine it having a different owner.

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