Next time you see a Nissan GT-R at night, take a closer look and scrutinize the paint job. Does it look special under those streetlights? It should, according to the automaker.

While reminiscing on GT-R colors in a statement published Tuesday, Nissan revealed that special attention is given to how GT-Rs look in the dark. Specifically, Nissan says colors like Midnight Purple and Bayside Blue are "evaluated under streetlamps at night—ensuring stellar looks for those planning on exhibiting their vehicle in late-night car shows." Furthermore, Nissan says the GT-R is the only vehicle in its stable that gets such attention.

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It's pretty cool that such scrutiny is given to appearance after dark. And while Nissan is clear to mention only car shows, Japan's late-night street scene certainly isn't a secret to anyone. In fact, the iconic R34 shade of Bayside Blue is so-named for the Bayshore Route in Tokyo; the Wangan route that became a haven for after-hours street racing in the 1990s.

Next year could be the the last for the GT-R. Upgraded mechanicals from the Nismo Special Edition make their way to Premium Edition T-Spec and Track Edition versions. The Premium Edition also gains a blue interior, though we don't know if that's evaluated under streetlights as well.

The 2025 model-year GT-R is already available in Japan. In the United States, the company's online configurator is still active for 2024 models, available in Premium, T-Spec, and Nismo trims. Bayside Blue is still offered on Premium trim, and you can get Midnight Purple with T-Spec.

The $221,090 track-ready Nismo model is offered in five colors: Pearl White TriCoat, Solid Red, Jet Black Pearl, Super Silver QuadCoat, and Stealth Gray. Whether we'll see 2025 JDM changes for the US remains to be seen, but we'd be terrifically surprised (and supremely upset) if Nissan ended the GT-R without some kind of special farewell edition.

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