Acura will call its upcoming small crossover the ADX. It'll join the RDX, MDX, and ZDX as the fourth SUV in the company's lineup when it debuts in early 2025.

The ADX will slot below the RDX in size, and compete against cars like the Volkswagen Taos and Buick Envista. While Acura doesn't get into detail on specs, we suspect the ADX could ride on the similarly sized Honda HR-V platform. The company says it'll sit alongside the Integra in its lineup and use a turbocharged powertrain—a big step up from the HR-V's lackluster 158-horsepower naturally aspirated inline-four.

Acura ADX Logo

"The 2025 Acura ADX will add a fourth SUV to our lineup and a new gateway model ready to build on the incredible success of Integra, helping make Acura a destination brand for a new generation of buyers," Acura National Sales vice president Emile Korkor said in a statement. "With the first-ever ADX and all-electric ZDX, the Acura lineup will have SUVs covered from A to Z."

The ADX isn't the only new crossover Acura has planned. In a closed-door dealer meeting held last week, the company hinted it would be bringing an all-electric version of its three-row MDX to the lineup in the future, reports Automotive News. There's no word on timing, though we suspect Acura wants to give room for its newly launched all-electric ZDX to breathe on showroom floors before launching another battery-powered vehicle. So it'll likely be a while. 

Honda and Acura plan to sell a combined 800,000 EVs in North America by the year 2030, so launching more battery-powered cars make sense. Whether buyers will actually want EVs remains to be seen. Only time will tell how the company's ambitious plans turn out.

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