The E30-generation BMW M3 is most famous for its Touring car racing success. But it makes for an equally excellent rally car, as this video proves. Though the car might not have as many outright wins as it has in DTM, you can't deny the excellence of its soundtrack.

The Speed Infinity YouTube channel cut together a handful of clips showing exactly what the M3 does best: Get sideways while spinning near and at redline somewhere in eastern Europe (likely Lithuania, judging by some of the license plates). All of these M3s have been converted to full-on rally cars, complete with full cages and what sounds like free-flowing intakes for their high-strung S14 four-cylinder motors. 

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Short gearing and fearless drivers means we can hear these cars long before they appear on camera, flying through each cog without a hint of hesitation, despite the slippery surfaces, blind corners, and lack of runoff. No, these M3s aren't nearly as quick as modern WRC cars, but these drivers are committed. This is exactly what rally is all about. 

This type of flat-out driving is even more commendable once you look up prices for first-generation M3s. They've become full-on collector cars, meaning a crash in one of these will be extremely costly if the chassis needs replacing. So to the people still racing E30 M3s, we salute you.

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