BMW's B58 straight-six is quickly becoming the hottest thing in import drag racing. The 3.0-liter engine has proven itself surprisingly stout and capable of handling lots of boost, making it easy for owners to extract big power and speed at the strip. This 1500-horsepower BMW 2 Series is further proof the B58 has earned its spot as the Toyota 2JZ's successor.

From the outside this M240i xDrive coupe looks virtually stock save for a set of sticky drag radials. You'd never guess it's hiding a highly modified version of its original B58 six-cylinder, equipped with new camshafts, ported heads, a heavy-duty fuel system, and a 74-millimeter Precision turbocharger running 49 pounds of boost. 

The all-wheel drive system is retained, fed by an upgraded version of the car's factory eight-speed automatic transmission built by Pure Drivetrain Solutions. There are beefed up axles and a carbon driveshaft to handle the extra twist, but amazingly, the rear differential is unmodified.

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Best of all, the stock ECU is retained and modified to accept all of the drivetrain changes, meaning this 2 Series still has most of its original features, including climate control, an infotainment system, cruise control, and more. Most of the interior is still there too. According to the owner, the car weighs about 3510 pounds with him in the driver's seat.

That's part of the reason why the car's recent 7.9-second quarter-mile time at 175 mph during TX2K in Texas earlier this month is so surprising. The time makes this 2 Series the quickest and fastest BMW on the planet in the quarter-mile, period. And it does so without having to worry too much about weight or aero. With a few more mods, we're certain this BMW could go even quicker. 


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