Jay Leno has plenty of million-dollar cars, but one of his collection's crown jewels is doubtlessly his McLaren F1. The three-seater supercar powered by a BMW V-12 engine is very nearly priceless, but since the last offer Leno got for his was $20 million, let's just go with that. You might think he may detail it with some expensive stuff then. But no. In his latest video, Leno takes the scratches out of his paint with a bunch of products from Walmart.

To be clear, it's a bunch of products from Walmart with his name on it. Leno has his own line of sprays waxes and soaps that bear the name of his eponymous garage. He's confident enough to use them not only on the more pedestrian enthusiast cars he owns but even his most valuable McLaren.

Leno has a small team of people who do the actual detailing for him, as while the wealthy car nut may have the time to drive many of his cars, he definitely doesn't have the hours in the day to clean all of them. They get to work detailing a car as anyone else would, albeit extra carefully considering what they're working on. Leno's F1 has many small imperfections in the paint that would make your average Bring-a-Trailer commenter tie themself into a knot over. That's because it has over 12,000 miles on the odometer, which is much more than most similar collector cars will see in their lifetime. 

Fortunately, the detail on Leno's McLaren goes very well. The wheels are removed and refreshed, swirls are taken out of the paint, and the interior gets a once-over.

In any case, if you've ever wondered how Leno keeps his cars clean, apparently it's much like you or I would. Except he's doing it in his incredible shop with thousands of dollars worth of specialized tools. You can't fault him too much though, considering how much he actually drives them.

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