Hot on the heels of McLaren getting a new owner, the supercar maker is ready to preview its future design language. The lone teaser image alongside a slate of cool sketches makes it appear as if the new looks won't stray far from the company's current styling, with the automaker taking inspiration for the new design philosophy from nearly every aspect of its past—including Formula 1, Can-Am racing, and of course, the iconic F1 road car.

The faces of future McLaren models will continue to feature a low nose and two distinct symmetrical elements. The new 750S is a great example of this with its integrated headlight/air intake unit, but the company wouldn't specifically say how that'll look on its next-gen models.

McLaren F1 LM
McLaren F1

The side profile in the design teaser looks sharper and more defined than the 750S in the sketches. The downward kink into the door is deeper, making a more pronounced front fender bulge, while the roof is flatter, more smoothly flowing into the rear deck.

The long rear overhang will cover an open and exposed back end that's prevalent on its current lineup of cars, which helps dissipate heat. Future McLaren models will accentuate their width and lower ride height with horizontal-oriented design elements—think diffusers and other aero bits.

The automaker will also apply its new design philosophy to its cabins. They'll feature "wrap-around" cockpits without compromising the feeling of spaciousness that integrates concave surfaces into the interior.

McLaren Design DNA

Last week, Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, the country's sovereign wealth fund, took complete ownership of McLaren Group, which will help the automaker invest in new products and technologies. McLaren has faced some financial issues over the last few years, but new leadership is helping to correct course.

Its new hypercar could launch later this year, which will reportedly crank out over 1,000 horsepower from a plug-in hybrid V8. It'll likely be wearing this new design language.

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