Somewhere in Japan, there's a place where Chevrolet Corvettes go to die. Thanks to Sammit on YouTube, we get an up-close, detailed look at a car graveyard full of C3-generation Corvettes and a slew of once-desirable classic Japanese sports cars, now rotting away in an overgrown field.

It's unclear from the video where exactly this graveyard was located, or when it was filmed. What we do know is that the cars have long since been forgotten. A quick glance around the property reveals several forlorn Corvettes – all C3 models built from 1986 through 1982. But that's just the tip of this proverbial iceberg.

Walking among the small hills in the area, it's soon discovered they aren't hills at all. They are piles of junk cars, car parts, scrap metal, and other various items overtaken through the years by grass and bushes. From a distance it's hidden, but up close, it becomes clear this was some kind of dumping ground or possibly a junkyard that was abandoned.

One section looks like it used to be a garage. The remains of walls are clearly visible, though the roof fell in at some point. This is where we see the shell of an old Datsun Z, possibly a 240 or 260, sitting quietly among the rubble. If that's not sad enough, we also get a look at the engine bay with its inline-six exposed to the elements. The valve cover is missing, revealing a rusted camshaft, timing gear, and valve springs. Heartbreaking.

C3 Chevrolet Corvette Graveyard
Datsun Z Junkyard
Datsun Z Junkyard

Still, at least it's recognizable. The same can't be said for an A70 Toyota Supra in one of the nearby "hills." Flattened and upside down, only upon a close look do we see the Supra's taillight design.

Graveyard Supra Taillights

The 27-minute video circles through the location, revealing all kinds of car parts and crushed cars buried within the tall grass. It's safe to say everything here is way beyond saving, and there's nothing to suggest the area will be cleaned up anytime soon. We've seen plenty of barn finds and abandoned vehicles over the years, but this sprawling automotive graveyard being reclaimed by nature is, dare we say, a bit spooky.

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