Not long after Ford brought back the Bronco, it announced the Bronco DR, a desert racer built in partnership with Multimatic Motorsports. It makes the Bronco Raptor look shy and weak. This one, chassis number 13 of 50, is up for sale at Bring a Trailer, and it's ready to head straight to Baja.

The auction notes that true mileage is "unknown," but it appears this Bronco DR is undriven. It even comes with the original protective cover for its two Recaro bucket seats. The original build sheet notes that this DR comes with the optional Baja package, which BaT says includes rock lights, sirens, and LED light bars. Base price for the DR was $295,000, and this one's been optioned up to an incredible $393,405.

Gallery: Ford Bronco DR For Sale

Arguably the coolest option is the paint. Mustang fans will recognize it as Mystichrome, the color-changing paint offered on the 2004 Mustang Cobra. Here, it added $27,500 to the build cost. We'd love to see what it looks like covered in mud.

The Bronco DR came standard with a Coyote 5.0-liter V8 – something you can't get in a roadgoing Bronco – and a 10-speed automatic transmission. Everything about the truck screams "heavy duty," with enormous Multimatic DSSV dampers, and chunky BF Goodrich tires on beadlock wheels. As with many other off-road race trucks, the radiator is mounted at the rear, just behind the cabin, and there's a 65-gallon tank for long running between fuel stops. Inside, it's race-ready, with an off-road navigation system, a MoTeC dash display, and harnesses for the Recaro seats. 

Multimatic is no longer taking orders for the Bronco DR, so if you're not on the list, this is your only chance right now to get one. Don't expect it to be cheap.

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