Not all barn finds are ultra-rare, expensive pieces of machinery. Abandoned cars come in all shapes and sizes. This yellow Subaru WRX left in a barn untouched for seven years is a great example of how even relatively pedestrian enthusiast cars can be forgotten. 

Thankfully the folks at WD Detailing have come to the rescue. In the team's latest YouTube video we see them extract the poor bugeye Impreza from its resting place and give it a full detail inside and out. With years of neglect this car is very much in need of help, with caked on grime and enough mouse droppings to make anyone gag. 

While WD Detailing finds a few mouse nests in the cabin, the biggest nest was located under the windshield cowl. It was big enough to block to water drainage passageways, and made the crew's entire shop stink. Thankfully smell doesn't translate well through video. 

The team goes as far as to plasti-dip the wheels and replace the battery so the car can look presentable and run again. In what is perhaps the most gross part of the video, a live mouse shoots out of the exhaust pipe when the car fires up for the first time. Thankfully the crew was able to take the small animal outside so it could live to see another day. 

The WRX's owner, Sam, is extremely grateful for WD Detailing's work. But instead of stashing the car back in his barn, he does what any good Subaru owner should do: Rip the car around his 400-acre property and get it dirty. A true enthusiast, through and through.

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