It's been a minute since Clarkson, Hammond, and May visited the snowy north in their Scandi Flick Grand Tour special. Those who caught the adventure will remember Richard Hammond's blue Subaru WRX STI. For the rest of you, Hammond drove a blue Subaru WRX STI for the adventure. Shocking stuff, this.

It turns out, he liked the car. He liked it so much that he had it shipped back to England after filming was complete then sent it out for a few upgrades. The result is the car we see here in this new Drivetribe video, fitted with a stiff suspension, gold wheels, and a turbocharged flat-four that now makes 530 horsepower. It sounds like a recipe for fun, and based on Hammond's expression behind the wheel, we'd say that recipe is confirmed to be 100 percent delightful.

Hammond Subaru

We aren't given details of the upgrades, though at one point he leans over to flip a switch in the Subie's glove box. It apparently activates a more aggressive tune, one that includes an anti-lag system to help keep the turbo on boil. Curiously, he says "turbo lag is the best thing ever invented" earlier in the clip, but hey, he's having fun.

He also has quite a bit to say. On that front, here's a potential drinking game for all the folks out there. Every time Hammond says "utilitarian," "personality", or "analog," during this seven-minute Subaru review, well, you know what to do.

These are characteristics he assigns to his newly modified WRX, and we suspect Subaru owners (of which your author is one) can relate. Generally speaking, the WRX has always delivered some measure of utilitarian functionality as an all-wheel-drive vehicle with space for five people and a few things. This generation at least is certainly analog with its three-pedal manual gearbox and few driver assists. And of course the WRX has personality. Well, we're not so sure about the current-generation model. But step back a few years to a modded STI and you'll find personality to spare.

What is Hammond's plan for this Subie? That's unknown, though we suspect don't crash it is near the top of his list.

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