It seems the whole EV thing isn't really working for Hertz. Reuters reports the rental car company is downsizing its electric fleet, and by that, we mean cutting 20,000 cars from the lineup. And while Tesla isn't the only brand with EVs in use through Hertz, it does cover a majority of electric offerings.

That means some deals could be had if you're keen on getting a Model 3 in your garage and aren't afraid of buying a used rental. A quick check at Hertz's sales website shows 672 Teslas currently for sale out of 712 EVs available, and prices start at just over $20,000. The cheapest we found is a 2021 Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD, listed with 92,789 miles on the odometer with a $20,125 price tag. There are only three photos with the listing, but it doesn't look bad on the outside. And technically speaking, the battery is still covered under Tesla's 100,000-mile factory warranty.

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But, should you be afraid of buying a used electric rental? Per Reuters, expensive repair costs are the reason Hertz is cutting its electric fleet and well, we all know the reputation most rental cars have when it comes to how they were treated when on duty.

It may not be that bad for an EV though. Hertz specifically calls out collision repair costs as a big factor, an issue buyers won't have to deal with. Being an EV there are no questions about regular maintenance of the transmission or engine such as fluid changes. And in the US, used EVs selling under $25,000 could be eligible for a $4,000 tax credit. That effectively takes the price of the aforementioned Model 3 to $16,125. Tempting.

It seems folks are being tempted, too. Some Model 3s that previously showed up under $20,000 are long gone. And in the process of writing this short post, the number of Teslas available for purchase dropped from 672 to 669. 

Will Hertz completely step away from EVs and Teslas? We've reached out with a few questions regarding future plans but have yet to hear back. We will jump in with an update if we receive a reply.

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