There are levels of exclusivity when it comes to Ferrari. One can't simply walk into a dealership and drive home in the latest limited-run car, you have to be approved to buy Ferrari's high-price, low-volume special editions. That's the case with most of the supercar maker's rare XX models. 

Top Gear magazine had the chance to take a tour of the most exclusive Ferraris of them all. The program started in 2005 with the FXX as a track-only derivative of the Enzo. The FXX Evoluzione came along in 2008, while the front-engined 599X joined the lineup a couple of years later. In 2014, the FXX-K was launched as a hardcore LaFerrari and that one too went on to receive the Evoluzione treatment in 2017.

Ferrari has only built 116 of these cars, and now they're about to make the XX program far less exclusive. The SF90 XX Stradale will be built in no fewer than 1,398 examples, with the production run split between 799 coupes and 599 spiders. Adding insult to injury, these will not be restricted to the track. As the "Stradale" name implies, owners will be able to drive them on the streets. Even though the road-going car is not eligible to take part in special events dedicated to XX owners, all vehicles have already been sold.

The XX cars shared the room with the Le Mans-winning 499P, which Ferrari is turning into the pricey 499P Modificata. This is an uncorked version of the endurance racer that doesn't have to comply with FIA regulations. It has the smallest engine of all the XX models, which are either powered by a naturally aspirated V12 or a twin-turbo V8.

The new track car uses a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 shared with the 296 GT3 as part of a hybrid powertrain that delivers 858 hp when the "push to pass" system is on. Without it, the regular combined output is 697 hp. That extra boost is only available for seven seconds and can be turned on at any speeds. On the actual race car, the electric motor mounted at the front doesn't kick in below 118 mph.

The 499P Modificata is the most expensive of the bunch as Ferrari is charging €5.1 million ($5.6M). The track-only flagship is part of the Sport Prototipi Clienti program offered by the company’s Corse Clienti department tailored to owners of XX and Formula 1 cars. 499P Modificata owners will get the chance to drive their cars in 2024 at the following venues: Mugello (Italy), Sonoma and Laguna Seca (United States), Balaton (Hungary), Suzuka (Japan), Le Castellet (France), and at the Nürburgring (Germany).

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