BMW is a big fan of big kidney grilles these days, something that many online lament as just one more way the brand is losing its mojo. Sales don't reflect that, however. As 2023 gives way to 2024, sales of the nuclear-nostriled 4 Series and 7 Series are up massively. There are caveats worth mentioning, but the numbers don't lie. 

Sales of the 7 Series are up a gargantuan 80.9 percent, and 4 Series sales have also increased by 37.4 percent. This whole story exists in an important context, though. First of all, a pandemic happened. Do you remember the phrase "supply chain?" I'm trying to erase it from my brain, but it hampered the production of all automakers starting in 2020, continuing up into last year. Things have almost gotten back to normal, but pretty much every car company saw deliveries decrease massively and then slowly ramp back up. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that BMW sells a lot of cars with a 4 and a 7 badge on them these days. The 4 series is no longer just a two-door gas-powered coupe, it's that and about a million other things, including an electric sedan, ICE-powered sedan, and ICE-powered convertible. Not to mention the "M" models, which also don't get broken out. The same can be said for the 7 Series. It's no longer just the ICE model, but also the electric i7 which is offered in a number of trims. 

Still, though, sales of other cars with more conventional styling like the 3 Series and 2 Series have not seen the boosts that the aforementioned 4 and 7 have. The Z4 has actually improved, though. Sales are up 20% year over year, and there's a new stick-shift model on the way here, too. So while the internet may be mad (am I included in this?) that ugly cars are selling in record numbers, arguably BMW's most attractive vehicle is also doing pretty well, too. 

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