Porsche 911s might not make much sense as rally cars on paper, but in practice, they're some of the most exciting machines to ever leave tarmac. Late-model GT3s are especially cool to watch and listen to as they fly down stages through the back roads of Europe. 

The Belgian-Motorsport YouTube channel put together a compilation of all the 997-generation Porsche 911 GT3 rally cars it filmed throughout the 2023 season, giving us a chance to soak in nine straight minutes of motorsport-inspired flat-six glory. The footage, shot through several events held in Belgium over the year, shows the rally-prepped Porsches slide, jump, and speed through tight turns, narrow straightaways, and hay bale chicanes.

Judging by the sound and speed, most of these GT3s have been extensively modified to perform well away from the smooth tarmac Porsche intended. There are specific suspension mods, modest aero changes, shorter side mirrors, and sequential transmissions in place of the factory stick shifts. 

Even with all of those mods, these GT3s likely aren't as quick as proper all-wheel drive rally machines built for the sport. But they're undoubtedly more fun to watch. With how sideways some of these Porsches are getting, we suspect they're a lot more fun to drive, too. 

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