Hyundai's N Vision 74 is the coolest concept of recent memory. Its retro design, excellent proportions, and tantalizing 671-horsepower drivetrain all come together to make something truly special in a world where most new cars are uninspiring. Ask any enthusiast whether Hyundai should put it into production, and they'd likely say yes. Hyundai's been mum on the matter since the car's debut nearly two years ago. But the rumor-mill is alive and well. 

Korean-language news agency is the latest outlet to report that Hyundai has reportedly greenlit a production N Vision 74. According to the article, Hyundai will allegedly built 100 units, 70 for road use and another 30 for racing "in famous motorsports competitions held in North America and Europe." The report also states the car will make 800 hp from its hydrogen-powered, dual e-motor drivetrain, roughly 130 more horses over the original concept, with production reportedly set to begin in 2026.

Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept

This isn't the first time we've heard a rumor like this. Back in the beginning of May we heard from a different Korean-language site, Money Today, that Hyundai would put the N Vision 74 into production, with an official announcement to come later that month. That was over seven months ago, and Hyundai still hasn't revealed a production N Vision 74.

Later in May Hyundai told Motor1 it had "no plan to put the N Vision 74 concept into commercial production at this time." When reached for comment on Monday, a Hyundai spokesperson told Motor1 the company does not speak on future product. 

So as much as we'd like Hyundai to build a billion copies of the N Vision 74, there's still no concrete evidence it's on the way. If anything, we'd hate to learn that ETNews is right. Not because we don't want the car to go into production, but because we want Hyundai to build a lot more than 70 examples for the road. 

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