Shortly after leaving Jaguar, Ian Callum founded an independent automotive and product design agency named Callum. The UK-based firm is now expanding its operations with its first product conceived, designed, and engineered entirely in-house. The Skye is an electric off-road electric vehicle described by the company as a machine that can take you anywhere without emitting any harmful gases.

Offering a distinctive 2+2 seating layout within a refined and fully enclosed cabin, Skye boasts a sophisticated and somewhat modernistic design language. The vehicle features large glasses for better visibility and a more spacious interior atmosphere, and even the lower sections of the doors have glass panels. The adventure EV is about 157 inches long, probably meaning the actual in-person presence is more impressive than the first official images.

Gallery: Callum Skye

“At four meters long, the Callum Skye is dramatically proportioned with a concise exterior aesthetic driven by its capabilities. It has been designed to exceed expectations: minimal mass, maximum capability – exceptionally usable and an absolute joy to drive,” Ian Callum explains.

The company promises exceptional off-road capabilities. Not many technical details are known at the moment, but the vehicle rides on a durable space frame chassis and a suspension with a focus on overtaking trails and other off-road challenges. Callum is also tight-lipped regarding the powertrain as all it has to share for now is that the buggy uses a 42-kilowatt-hour battery pack good for an estimated range of up to 170 miles. The firm promises an “empty-to-full” charge in under ten minutes.

The Skye’s dry weight is rated at 2,535 pounds (1,150 kilograms) and Callum estimates the 0-60 miles per hour sprint will take under four seconds. No other performance details are currently available and judging by the information and images shared so far, Callum probably hasn’t started actual on-road tests of the machine yet. There’s also no word on pricing and availability and the firm only invites interested customers to register their interest on a dedicated website.

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