Semi-trucks can make for a good starting point for a motorhome. Big rigs are supposed to carry heavy loads and eat up miles on the interstate, so they are more than up for the job of hauling people instead of cargo. The 1988 Peterbilt 379 RV conversion in this video is particularly massive, though.

YouTuber and semi-truck enthusiast Bruce Wilson found the machine at a farm in an undisclosed part of Texas. A previous owner had the big rig converted into a motorhome in 1995 and used the vehicle for hauling race cars.

Wilson's wife is far less enthused about the Peterbilt than he is. She has valid reasons, though. The wood paneling on the walls, ceiling, and cabinets looks quite old-school. She's also not a fan of the wet bathroom layout that puts the toilet and shower in the same stall.

The kitchen is quite simple. There's just a single-basin sink, a toaster oven, and a refrigerator. This family has young children, so they probably need something more robust to keep everyone fed while traveling.

The semi-truck has a few other issues, too. The generator isn't currently working because of a fueling problem. The Caterpillar engine's cooling fan isn't running, and the air conditioning isn't functioning. Wilson also has a sore left leg after driving the 15-speed transmission in heavy traffic. Still, the couple is able to drive the Peterbilt home.

A second video shows Wilson stripping out what he doesn't want from the interior. This includes removing the couch, bed, fridge, upper cabinets, and more.

There's an even bigger problem in the sleeping space above the cab. Removing the initial panels reveals mold and water damage. As Wilson takes off more pieces of wood, the situation gets even worse, and it looks like he might break through the plywood. The clip ends with a cliffhanger because he yells upon finding something. A follow-up video isn't available yet.

If you're curious about semi-trucks functioning as motorhomes, there are a few more to check out on For example, this one has room to haul a Suzuki Samurai sideways between the cab and living space. There's also this Volvo with an impressive-looking kitchen.

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