Sleeper cabs are a fairly common feature on long-haul semi-trucks, but they're nothing like the custom setup this couple has on their 2023 Volvo VNL. The company ARI Legacy Sleepers fits a 240-inch area with all of the amenities of a luxury apartment. But you can cross the country in this rig.

One glance at the exterior of this truck tells you it's not a factory rig. ARI mounts the sleeper on a 378-inch wheelbase. The metal section at the back is polished to a shiny finish. Lights outline the sides, roof, and above the cab.

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The real magic is on the inside. Starting with the kitchenette, the sink has a bronze appearance, and the faucet is dark metal. A slide-out cutting board provides a food-prep area. The refrigerator/freezer appears to be a full-size unit and has a door lock to prevent them from opening while driving. The countertops appear to be Corian, and the cabinets are dark wood.


There's also a wet bathroom, meaning the shower and toilet are in a shared space. It has copper-colored tiles on the upper walls and ceiling.

A lounge and sitting area are at different ends of the sleeper sections. The floors match the cabinets, and the walls are white. There's plenty of lighting, including blue accents.

If someone or a couple intends purely to make a living out of trucking, then this semi-truck looks perfect. You could drive for a whole day, and enjoy all of the amenities from home after finding a place to park.

For comparison, Volvo offers the VNL semi-truck with several sleeper cab options, but none of them are as big as this custom rig. The range-topping 860 model has a 77-inch long resting area. A 70-inch configuration is also available. The truckmaker's photos make the spaces look attractive but nowhere as spacious as this build from ARI.

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