Toyota filed a trademark in Japan for Land Hopper on August 8, 2023, and the office published the paperwork on August 17. The registration is in the class that covers automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. looked at patent directories for other regions and didn't see any other applications for Land Hopper.

A member of the Toyota Land Cruiser Forum initially discovered the filing. Commenters in the thread speculate that Land Hopper might be for the small crossover in Toyota's teaser at the end of the new Land Cruiser presentation. It's in the background on the left in the image above.

Gallery: Toyota Compact Cruiser EV Concept

The little SUV in the teaser has a striking resemblance to the Compact Cruiser concept (above). The little, rugged-looking EV debuted in 2021 when Toyota debuted a bunch of ideas for electric vehicles at the same time. The company didn't release any technical details about this model.

Another commenter to the Toyota Land Cruiser Forum thread speculated that the Land Hopper name might be for the three-wheeled scooter in the center of the teaser image. The vehicle appears to be very simple with handlebars, a seat, no footrests, and a single rear wheel.

Land Cruiser Chief Engineer Keita Moritsu said the company was considering plug-in hybrid, fuel cell, and full EV variants of the new SUV. The ladder frame doesn't easily accommodate PHEV or electric powertrains. Modifications would be necessary to make them work. However, the TNGA-F platform can support regular hybrid powertrains, like the turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder I-Force Max mill in the latest Tacoma.

The vehicle on the right in the teaser image might be the three-row electric SUV that Toyota is developing. The company confirms that the model would enter production in 2025 at the automaker's plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. The batteries would come from Toyota's new plant in North Carolina, which opens in 2025.

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