The Toyota Rangga Concept debuted at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show as an idea for a multifunctional commercial vehicle that buyers could outfit according to their needs. The automaker has the Rangga Concept Mobile Café, Rangga Concept Ambulance, Rangga Concept EV Mobile Service, and Rangga Concept Pace Car to show the possibilities of what folks could do with this platform.

Toyota didn't release any technical details about the Rangga Concept. It also didn't outline the vehicle's physical dimensions. Judging by the photos, this appears to be a fairly compact model. All of the builds have a single-cab body. 

Gallery: Toyota Rangga Concept

Toyota says a production version of the Rangga is coming in the future. However, the announcement doesn't say exactly when it goes on sale.

Toyota is holding a contest in Indonesia for people to create renderings of what the Rangga could be. The automaker supplies a template, and artists can customize the vehicle from there. The examples in the gallery above include a drift truck and a camper. The creator of the winning design gets the equivalent of $6,500 (100 million Indonesian rupiah).

When the production-spec Rangga arrives, local upfitters would customize the vehicle to fit a customer's requirements. Toyota even has representatives from local conversion companies at the Indonesia International Auto Show to discuss the possibilities with potential buyers.

According to Toyota's vehicle announcement, the name Rangga takes inspiration from the word "Ronggo" in the Javanese language, which refers to a hero and carries connotations of being strong and tough.

There's nothing like the Rangga available in the United States. However, Toyota is reportedly considering whether to build a Corolla-based pickup in the US. It doesn't yet have a green light for production and wouldn't arrive until 2027 at the earliest if the executives sign off on the project. The compact, unibody truck would compete against the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. Assembly would possibly take place alongside the regular Corolla in Mississippi.

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